KK Group

Manufacturing Steel Since 1984

Manufacturing Steel Since 1984

Future Prospects

The KK Group intends to focus on increasing and sustaining our growth, primarily fuelled by profit-maximization and effective cost cutting. Expansions of production facilities are already in progress; keeping in mind the cut-throat competitive business world today as well as introducing modern technology which helps manufacture quality products due to more efficiency and effectiveness of operational structure. Another aspect of cost cutting involves integrating the manufacturing process which will enable to reduce middle man and therefore keep production costs low but enhance the overall productivity.

The group would also like to move a step further in the production chain we are currently producing, by manufacturing components which will serve as an application for Bright Bars as well as manufacturing components for machinery used in the Automobile Industry.

Foraying further into the current production and manufacturing trends, the group is also initiating development of more Wire products by introducing more variety in the size of finished material produced.

As the Indian as well as the global business dynamics are constantly changing, further venture into other industries such as the already mentioned components manufacturing for the automobile industry and even into the retail business of self manufactured products should prove to be a successful move.

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